dj Sean O Grady
DJ Sean Ogrady - Denver Pride 2011
Courtesy of Outfront Magazine

Growing up in a small town in Wyoming Sean Ogrady quickly learned that the country music and lifestyle wasn’t for him. With limited access to good music, Sean had to search long and hard to find quality music.

Relocating to Denver, Colorado for college Sean dived into the circuit club scene getting his first job in the industry as a go-go dancer. Dancing every Saturday ignited his passion for the music. Sean involved himself in any way he could, working as a go-go, bartender and club manager. With constant access to the music and artists it wasn’t long before Sean began learning the decks from the local club DJ’s. Fulfilling the passion he had for so many years Sean spent every possible hour he could practicing and he working at excelling in the booth.

Sean soon came under the radar of DJ /performer Nina Flowers and New York DJ Billy Carroll who both took Sean under their wing to show him the ropes.

It wasn’t long before there was an open slot at a local club. Unable to fill it management decided to give Sean a chance. He did not disappoint, packing the dance floor and leaving the crowd wanting more. And more is what they got. Almost immediately following his first gig Sean was offered a residency for Denver’s gay mega club “Tracks”

Over the years Sean has continued to grow as a DJ having the opportunity to spin next to tracks resident DJ’s Alyson Calagna & DJ Flowers as well as such names as Tony Moran, Tracy Young, Hector Fonseca, Johnny Viscous, Dave Aude, Chris Cox, Roland Belmares, and Dresdon & Johnson.

Recently Sean Ogrady has begun a new chapter of his career remixing and producing his own music which you can expect to see in 2012.

Sean’s original thirst for good music didn’t end in Wyoming, he continues to dedicate himself to bringing the freshest, edgiest music to his sets while maintaining the integrity of the dance party that lured him in originally.

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